Do I have a DPMS Pattern Rifle?


NOTE:  The Kali Key is NOT COMPATIBLE with Armalite and Rock River Arms pattern rifles.

Many people think that all AR-10s are the same.  Unfortunately, they are not.  There is no standard for the AR-10 and literally every manufacturer does things differently. This makes compatibility of parts between manufacturers a total gamble.  In fact, it is technically incorrect to call every .308-based caliber AR looking rifle an “AR-10”.  Still, it has become an all-encompassing term, so we use it for ease of communication. 

While there are numerous brands on the market, the current three most popular “patterns” of “AR-10” are:  (1) the DPMS pattern (more correctly known as the LR-308 – this is the most popular pattern on the market today); (2) the Armalite pattern (where the term AR-10 comes from); and (3) the Rock River Arms pattern (known as the LAR-8 which, while very similar to the DPMS in esthetics, is again totally unique). 

Though it can change from rifle to rifle SO WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING WHAT YOU HAVE (please do your homework), most major brands (ie. Aero Precision, Palmetto State, Spike’s Tactical, etc.) are typically mostly DPMS pattern compatible, as are the most popular Magpul .308 magazines. 

The DPMS pattern is currently the most popular on the market and that is why the Kali Key launched its first “AR-10” product to fit the DPMS pattern.  Still, we recognize that manufacturers don’t often label the pattern of their rifles and most people don’t know what they have.  We hope the two pictures below will help:

NOTE:  While Rock River Arms looks like DPMS in most cases, it is its own totally unique platform and will not work with the Kali Key.

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