Why:  Lawful AR ownership is under attack and more and more states and municipalities are forcing the registration or removal of “assault weapons” owned by law abiding citizens.  Those laws that don’t require registration or removal, often require feature modifications that make the rifle more difficult to use safely.  As many are all too familiar with, these laws are moving targets.  Complying with them is often difficult, confusing, and expensive. Frustrated by what we saw, we set out to design a product that would prevent your rifle from being considered an assault weapon – once and for all.

The Goal:  Our sole goal is for you to keep your rifle legally, with every feature you want on it, without having to worry about future assault weapon laws directed at semi-automatic rifles.  Once your rifle falls outside the definition of an assault weapon, then you don’t have to worry about future laws against them.

Enter the Kali Key:  The Kali Key simply drops into any mil-spec AR style rifle and removes it from the definition of an assault weapon as defined by The Assault Weapons Control Act.  It works by converting any mil-spec, gas operated (non-piston), semi-automatic rifle into a straight-pull bolt action rifle, without requiring any milling or modifications to the gas system.

The Kali Key allows you to keep all the features prohibited by The Assault Weapons Control Act, such as pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks.  It doesn’t require assault weapon registration, nor the installation of a fixed magazine mechanism.  It is also a cost-effective alternative to going featureless on every rifle.  Finally, it allows for the use of legally-purchased standard capacity magazines; the legal transportation between free and hostile states; and the legal importation/purchase of out of state, non-compliant rifles.

SDCGO: At Kali Key, we believe in facilitating law-abiding gun ownership, but we also believe in fighting for a return of freedoms that have been lost to poorly designed laws that only impact honest citizens.  As a result, we support grass roots Second Amendment organizations dedicated to Second Amendment advocacy like San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO).  Every time you purchase a Kali Key, proceeds go in part to support SDCGO.  SDCGO focuses on the city, county, and state level and focuses community organizing; education; and political fundraising.  SDCGO works collaborates with other organizations like FPC and CalGuns.  It works closely with and supports local gun industries.  It is a compelling alternative to national lobby groups.  Thanks to SDCGO, San Diego County has seen the return or concealed carry permits.  SDCGO also recently helped overturn an attempt by California politicians to ban shooting on federal land.  We believe in SDCGO’s efforts and have seen their success.  While we love our business and our customers, our hope is that SDCGO’s success will one day make products like the Kali Key obsolete.

Made in the USA:  We want to put out the best quality product we can.  That means it needs to be made in the USA.  For quality and rigidity, every part that goes inside the rifle is made of solid U.S. steel.  To save on weight, the handle is solid billet U.S. aluminum.  It is all milled and assembled on our behalf in San Diego, California.

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