Because a bolt-action is not an “assault weapon:”


  • Keep your AR legally with every feature you love on it
  • Support 2A causes with your purchase
  • No milling, no aesthetic sacrifices
  • No turning off your gas system
  • PA Game Commission AR-platform hunting approval
  • No “assault weapon” registration
  • No need for a fixed magazine mechanism
  • Keep all of your favorite features like pistol grips, flash hiders, and adjustable stocks
  • It’s a true drop-in solution
  • Installs as quickly as you can swap a BCG
  • Import, transport, buy, sell AR platform firearms



All “assault weapon” ban laws exclusively target semi-automatic firearms. They specifically require the firearm to be semi-automatic as a prerequisite to being defined as an “assault weapon.” Furthermore, most have explicit exclusionary language removing “any” firearms that are “manually operated” or “bolt-action” from “assault weapon” restrictions, even when they list what is banned by name. 

With the same ease as changing a BCG, dropping in the Kali Key removes your direct impingement AR from the definition of an “assault weapon” as defined by California’s Assault Weapons Control Act and other state laws. It does this by converting the firearm into a straight-pull bolt-action rifle.

The Kali Key is the most established, well-proven, patented multi-platform bolt-action conversion on the market. Before it is marketed into any state, we go out of our way to obtain a comprehensive, in-depth,  in-state expert legal opinion for our customers to analyze. The authors of our opinions are often the very attorneys litigating the laws they are opining on.

Some benefits of the Kali Key include keeping your AR intact with prohibited features such as pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks. The Kali Key could also help with registration requirements, transportation, importation, and legally building, buying, and selling what you want. It can help FFLs convert existing inventory for legal sale as well as make or import new inventory depending on their licensing.   In California, it is also an easy and cost-effective alternative to going featureless on every rifle and eliminates the need for fixed magazines. 

The Kali Key also allows you to use your AR for hunting in restricted jurisdictions like Pennsylvania, where it has recently been approved for hunting by the PA Game Commission.

Lastly, thanks to the elimination of the reciprocating mass, the Kali Key allows you to build the quietest suppressed rifle possible and can improve your rifle’s long-range precision.

Our Goals:

Our first goal is for you to keep your rifle legally, with every feature you want on it, without having to worry about future assault weapon laws directed at semi­automatic rifles. We call this being “future-ready” because once your rifle falls outside the definition of an “assault weapon,” you don’t have to worry about future laws against them.

Our second goal is to use sales to directly support grassroots 2A organizations like San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO), which works closely with FPC, CalGuns, and Gun Owners of California (GOC). As we expand into new states, we continue to seek new local grassroots organizations to help. To date, our direct collaboration and support has, in small part, funded several 2A lawsuits and victories like Miller v Bonta (the California “AW” ban suit) and Duncan v Bonta (the California standard capacity magazine suit).

 With a new alliance with Gun Owners of America, Kali Key is now growing to focus on national gun rights.


Made in the USA:

 We only sell top-quality products milled from billet aluminum and steel. The Kali Key is manufactured and assembled in San Diego, California. Our BCGs are also made in the USA.






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