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The Kali Key Lo-Pro is our new sleek, minimalist design. We designed it for those who prefer a small footprint for transportation purposes and a more traditional, “tactical” look and feel. The user experience will resemble using a mil-spec charging handle to cycle your rifle as a bolt-action.

The only solution of its kind on the market:

  • Bolt-Action System (B.A.S.) comes complete with Kali Key AR-15 Lo-Pro B.A.S. charging handle, Kali Key B.A.S. gas key, and two mounting screws.
    This option does not come with a BCG. You will need to install the Kali Key bolt-action system on your own BCG or buy our high-quality, extremely cost- effective Bolt-Action System and BCG bundle here.
  • Keep your rifle in “assault weapon” jurisdictions; build your ideal hunting rifle; build the quietest suppressed rifle; benefit long-range precision shooting.
  • As quick and easy as swapping out your BCG.
  • No removal of the gas system, no milling, and no custom modifications necessary – a TRUE DROP-IN SOLUTION
  • Simply replace the factory gas key and charging handle on any Mil-Spec bolt carrier group with the Kali Key B.A.S., and you’re good to go.
  • Convert any mil-spec, direct impingement (does not work with piston systems) AR-15 into a straight-pull bolt-action rifle
  • Because a bolt-action is not an “assault weapon.”

NOTE: The AR-15 Kali Key Lo-Pro will work on MIL-SPEC DIRECT IMPINGEMENT AR-15 rifles only. Please verify your AR-15 rifle is mil-spec and direct impingement BEFORE purchasing.

Drop in the Kali Key and stay Future Ready!

Installation Instructions


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Kali Key AR-15 Lo-Pro:

  • Revised geometry to fit more uppers and iron sights and improve fit and feel.
  • New PATENT PENDING blow-back gas trap
  • New 7075 aluminum rod is lighter and stronger than before (hard coat anodized).
  • New and improved handle-to-rod attachment method


Drop in the Kali Key and keep your AR-15 feature-full:

  • Pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks stay.*
  • Get rid of your bullet button or fixed magazine and get back to quick magazine changes.
  • Use your standard capacity magazines
  • Transport and import your rifle legally…

* All other federal and state regulations apply (i.e. minimum barrel length, minimum overall length). View more in-depth legal information here.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 2 in
Add on a Black Nitride BCG with Bolt/without Gas Key

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2 reviews for AR-15 Kali Key LO-PRO

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    All I can say to start is…OMG! I love this thing! If Kali-Key had used the Lo-Pro handle on the Gen 1 original instead of the oversized handle, they’d still be making it without any changes! That being said, it there are any of the originals left I would buy it and swap out the handle! (Kali-Key, got any originals left? I’ll buy one!)

  2. Greg Lamb (verified owner)

    If you’re going to get one KaliKey, this is the one to get! Compact and easy to use without getting gouged!

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