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The Kali Key Lo-Pro is our new sleek, minimalist design. We designed it for those who prefer a small footprint for transportation purposes and a more traditional, “tactical” look and feel. The user experience will resemble using a mil-spec charging handle to cycle your rifle as a bolt-action.

The only solution of its kind on the market:

  • Bolt-Action System comes complete with Kali Key AR-15 Lo-Pro B.A.S. charging handle, Kali Key B.A.S. gas key, and two mounting screws.
    This option does not come with a BCG. You will need to install the Kali Key bolt-action system on your own BCG or buy our high-quality, extremely cost- effective Bolt-Action System and BCG bundle here.
  • Keep your rifle in “assault weapon” jurisdictions; build your ideal hunting rifle; build the quietest suppressed rifle; benefit long-range precision shooting.
  • As quick and easy as swapping out your BCG.
  • No removal of the gas system, no milling, and no custom modifications necessary – a TRUE DROP-IN SOLUTION
  • Simply replace the factory gas key and charging handle on any Mil-Spec bolt carrier group with the Kali Key B.A.S., and you’re good to go.
  • Convert any mil-spec, direct impingement (does not work with piston systems) AR-15 into a straight-pull bolt-action rifle
  • Because a bolt-action is not an “assault weapon.”

NOTE: The AR-15 Kali Key Lo-Pro will work on MIL-SPEC DIRECT IMPINGEMENT AR-15 rifles only. Please verify your AR-15 rifle is mil-spec and direct impingement BEFORE purchasing.

Drop in the Kali Key and stay Future Ready!

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Kali Key AR-15 Lo-Pro:

  • Revised geometry to fit more uppers and iron sights and improve fit and feel.
  • New PATENT PENDING blow-back gas trap
  • New 7075 aluminum rod is lighter and stronger than before (hard coat anodized).
  • Kali Key gas block now with H&M black nitride coated for improved corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.
  • New and improved handle-to-rod attachment method


Drop in the Kali Key and keep your AR-15 feature-full:

  • Pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks stay.*
  • Get rid of your bullet button or fixed magazine and get back to quick magazine changes.
  • Use your standard capacity magazines
  • Transport and import your rifle legally…

* All other federal and state regulations apply (i.e. minimum barrel length, minimum overall length). View more in-depth legal information here.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 2 in
Add on a Black Nitride BCG with Bolt/without Gas Key

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