Our customers mean the world to us.  If you ever have an issue, please contact us, and we will do our best to make it right.


Kali Key prides itself on delivering the best possible products and customer service and offers a lifetime warranty on its products against manufacturer defects. In the event of defects in material or workmanship, we will either repair, replace (with the same or comparable product), or reimburse you, at our discretion, based on the situation. This only applies to the Kali Key, as the Kali Key is the only product we design and have any say in how it is manufactured.  All other products sold on this website (i.e., BCG) default exclusively to the individual manufacturer’s warranty and policies.


Our Kali Key product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage resulting from abuse or misuse, unauthorized repair or modification, and improper handling of the product. Due to the wide array of rifle types, builds, differences in manufacturer specs, and customization options available, we cannot warrant the fit and function of the Kali Key in every rifle on the market. If you have a question, and we have the knowledge, we will be happy to answer fit questions before you purchase.


Here’s how the lawyer puts it: The repair or replacement of Kali Keys with defects in material or workmanship shall be Kali Key’s sole responsibility. This warranty expressly excludes any and all incidental, consequential, or accidental damages arising from or in connection with the Kali Key or this limited warranty. No other warranties or liability whatsoever are either expressed or implied. This includes and is not limited to that there shall be no warranties of merchantability, use of trade, or fitness for any particular purpose. If any such warranties are imposed by law notwithstanding this provision, then such warranties shall be the responsibility of the immediate buyer.


By placing an order, you agree to these terms.





  1. If you have a technical question or a warranty claim, please contact Kali Key Product Support at:

Phone: 888-KALI-KEY

Email: info@kalikey.com

  1. We will help you troubleshoot and evaluate your warranty claim.
    1. We may ask you to provide clear photos of the issue.
  2. You must obtain a return authorization before mailing your Kali Key to us for a warranty claim.
  3. Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning items for warranty evaluation.
    1. If a defect is confirmed, Kali Key will reimburse standard shipping fees.
  4. Expect a processing time of up to 14 days for returns or warranty claims.





  1. Eligibility for Returns:
    • Returns are exclusively for Kali Key manufactured products exhibiting manufacturer defects.
    • All warranty claims must include valid proof of purchase from an authorized Kali Key dealer.
  2. Manufacturer Defect Warranty Policy:
    • We stand behind the quality of the Kali Key and offer a lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects. Defective items will be evaluated for repair, replacement (with an equivalent or similar product), or refund at our sole discretion.
    • This warranty applies specifically to the Kali Key, the sole product we design and oversee in manufacturing. For other products sold on our site (e.g., BCG), respective manufacturers’ warranties and policies apply.
  3. Exclusions from Kali Key Warranty:
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Damage due to misuse, abuse, or unauthorized modifications.
    • Improper handling.
    • The Kali Key may not fit every rifle due to variations in firearm manufacturing and customization. While Kali Key is caliber agnostic, cartridges in some calibers and some rifles may be harder to extract than others. These issues do not fall under our manufacturer’s warranty. Customers are advised to consult us about fit or caliber concerns prior to purchase.

  4. Warranty Process and Costs:
    • Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning items for warranty evaluation. If a defect is confirmed, Kali Key will reimburse standard shipping fees.
    • Expect a processing time of up to 14 days for returns or warranty claims.
  5. Legal Terms:
    • Kali Key’s liability is restricted to repairing or replacing products with material or workmanship defects.
    • Kali Key disclaims responsibility for any incidental, consequential, or accidental damages linked to the product or this warranty.
    • No other warranties, explicit or implied, are provided. This encompasses warranties of merchantability, trade usage, or fitness for a specific purpose. Any obligatory warranties enforced by law will fall upon the immediate purchaser, notwithstanding these terms.
    • See the Terms of Use section on our website for additional information.
  6. Geographical Limitations:
    • This warranty is valid only for products purchased and used within the United States.
  7. Updates and Amendments:
    • Kali Key reserves the right to revise or modify this return and warranty policy as needed.


By purchasing, you acknowledge and consent to the above terms. Should you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.


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